Mana Contemporary

The Private Collection of the Magistrate
Opened 2019


  • A ten-part work of “resin frescos.” This is the first public presentation since its debut in 1984 at Gallozi-La Placa, New York City

Fred Sandback
Sculpture 1967-1983
Opened 2018


  • Fourteen works in yarn, elastic chord and steel, spanning three decades.

John Chamberlain
Sculpture 1984-1991

  • Four large-scale sculptures in painted and chromium plated steel spanning eight years. These works were produced by the artist at his Ten Coconut studio in Sarasota, Florida from 1984-1991

  • Assembled by artist Tad Wiley for MANA Contemporary, the Ayn Foundation presents seventy photographic images produced by Chamberlain between 1989 and 2002 using a Wide-Lux panoramic camera.

Andy Warhol
The Original Silkscreens
Opened 2017


  • The Ayn Foundation presents the iconic silkscreen prints of Andy Warhol from 1963 to 1984.

Arnulf Rainer
Crosses and Angels
Opened 2015


  • The Ayn Foundation brings to MANA Contemporary 19 paintings by Austrian artist Arnulf Rainer for long-term exhibition in its 888 Gallery space in Jersey City, New Jersey. This exhibition is open by appointment.

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Der Gekreuzigte Bar'

    Der Gekreuzigte Bar 1985-87, oil and stuffed bear on wood, 67 x 47 inches

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Kreuz, Cranach II'

    Kreuz, Cranach II, 1999/2000, disper on paper on wood, 80 x 50 inches

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Kreuz uber Kreuzingung von Lukas Cranach, I'

    Kreuz uber Kreuzingung von Lukas Cranach, I,1999/2000, disper on paper on wood, 79 x 48 inches

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Grune Aura' and 'Engels Licht'

    Grune Aura (left), Engels Licht (right), 1992, oil and photocopy on wood, 42 x 30 inches each

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Ohne Titel'

    Ohne Titel, 1990, oil on wood, 97 x 49 inches

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Doppel Schildkreuz'

    Doppel Schildkreuz, 1989/1990, oil on wood, 76 x 57 inches