Mana Contemporary

  • Assembled by artist Tad Wiley for MANA Contemporary, the Ayn Foundation presents seventy photographic images produced by Chamberlain between 1989 and 2002 using a Wide-Lux panoramic camera. On view until September 2018. Exhibition open by appointment.

Andy Warhol
The Original Silkscreens

  • On view at MANA Contemporary until November 20, 2017, the Ayn Foundation presents the iconic silkscreen prints of Andy Warhol from 1963 to 1984. Exhibition open by appointment.

Arnulf Rainer
Crosses and Angels

  • The Ayn Foundation brings to MANA Contemporary 19 paintings by Austrian artist Arnulf Rainer for long-term exhibition in its 888 Gallery space in Jersey City, New Jersey. This exhibition is open by appointment.

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Der Gekreuzigte Bar'

    Der Gekreuzigte Bar 1985-87, oil and stuffed bear on wood, 67 x 47 inches

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Kreuz, Cranach II'

    Kreuz, Cranach II, 1999/2000, disper on paper on wood, 80 x 50 inches

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Kreuz uber Kreuzingung von Lukas Cranach, I'

    Kreuz uber Kreuzingung von Lukas Cranach, I,1999/2000, disper on paper on wood, 79 x 48 inches

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Grune Aura' and 'Engels Licht'

    Grune Aura (left), Engels Licht (right), 1992, oil and photocopy on wood, 42 x 30 inches each

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Ohne Titel'

    Ohne Titel, 1990, oil on wood, 97 x 49 inches

  • Arnulf Rainer, 'Doppel Schildkreuz'

    Doppel Schildkreuz, 1989/1990, oil on wood, 76 x 57 inches